Clarke puts his foot in his mouth

As a captain and selector, Clarke played a big role in taking the shocking decision to drop Watson, Johnson, Khwaja and Pattinson.

Australian captain, Michael Clarke: "There have been a number of issues on this tour where I don’t think we have been hitting our standards," he said. "We have not been doing what is required for this Australian cricket team to have the success we want it to have."

"I want the public and the media to understand. Don't get me wrong, it's not just about one incident. Firstly, on this tour, our performances have been unacceptable and there has been some stuff off the field that has been unacceptable for the standards of an Australian cricket team."

"We can't accept mediocrity here. This is the Australian cricket team, maybe I am biased but there is a big difference between this team and other cricket teams."

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